Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Female MMA - The State of the Art

female mma

In the aftermath of the Gina Carano-Cris Santos fight, I was looking around for inspiration for today's entry.
Here is a sample of the headlines I ran across.....

Do women belong fighting in mixed martial arts?
Baltimore Sun

Does women's MMA have a future?
Baltimore Sun
(Do I sense a pattern with the Baltimore Sun here?)

Carano's loss to 'Cyborg' hurts women's MMA

Strikeforce postmortem: Is Santos' win good for women's MMA?

Though growing, women's MMA not equal to men's
Florida Today

Female MMA is far from accepted yet.
I keep hearing terms like "not as good as the guys", "lack of depth", "women shouldn't be fighting each other".
And of course "she's ugly, she looks like a man, I don't like her."

I thought we had outgrown that kind of thinking.
No Cris Santos is not gonna get in the cage with Brock Lesnar.
Just like Laila Ali has no business in the ring with Mike Tyson.
But that doesn't mean Santos isn't great in her division.
Maybe the WWE and their Diva division has poisoned the minds of sports fans to where they think that a woman cannot be just as good as a man.
(perhaps Lisa Marie Varon will change that idea)

These ladies work just as hard as their male counterparts and should be treated with the same respect.
I'm not saying we should praise sloppy execution in either division.
The women should be (and from what I have seen are) held to the same standards.
But no matter how good some female MMA stars are, they will be judged less than the guys and thats just not right.


Alpha said...

Well yeah a lot of men say that but so do a lot of women, it hard for some people that don't understand anything about fighting sports to accept anything about it. We all know that people find it hard to see men fight in mma events, so to see women do it would have twice the negative impact on people that don't understand it, some people don't understand how hard they work but What can they do? If there is going to be any progression those people would have to look pass their safe zone and ego's. Some people don't understand that fighting is gonna happen no matter what, it's better in the ring where it can be controlled than in some ally. Fighting is a way of life, part of nature, and those having the ability to do so will benefit, while other lacking the understanding will look away or down on it. Muay thai, kickboxing, tai chi, capoeira,judo, bjj, and wrestling etc(fighting itself). These are all building blocks that came of struggle, survival, and means to protect. These are the least barbaric ways to solve a conflict and or live. Because we all know their are worst thing someone be hurt is fighting. Either way a man, woman, and or child will face this in life and if anything, they should have some kind of way to defend themselves. Wouldn't it be better for an abuse wife to be able to fight effectively to at least reduce the damage done on herself or at least to have means to escape. Life is too twisted to try to hide people from something some people will have to face everyday. But in the end all this is obsolete to a firearm, it seems to be what people prefer these days and it's availability to the crazed(ganstas,the bullied, the insane, the racists, the confused) has allowed them to take the lives of who ever they wish. People brag about it as if it's their own power. Well look at me getting of subject but you get my point right?

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

"Wouldn't it be better for an abuse wife to be able to fight effectively to at least reduce the damage done on herself or at least to have means to escape."
Yes I do get your point and I thought about bringing that up myself.
Thank you for saying what I didn't, but probably should have.

Alpha said...

No problem.

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