Friday, April 6, 2007

MMA: Chantal Nadon

MMA: Chantal Nadon
Chantal Nadon
DOB: February 25th 1971
Ht: 5' 4"
Wt: 110-115 lbs

Record 14 wins 3 losses , 1 draw. 2 kos

Some notable opponents that Chantal has fought:
World Muay Thai Champion, Mary Hart (England)
Jenna "Bambi" Bertoncello (USA)
Shirley Prescott (Canada)
World Muay Thai Champion, Lisa Howarth (England)
Chantel has defeated Mary Hart twice
under full contact rules by unanimous decisions.
She has defeated Bambi Bertoncello twice. The first time
In Canada by decision under full contact rules.

The second time she defeated Bertoncello, was in
California for the North American Bantam weight Title,
under Oriental rules which is Bambi's preferred style.
In this much anticipated rematch, she knocked out
Bertoncello in the second round with a perfectly timed
spinning backfist. (See great ko's.)

She also has twice defeated fellow Canadian Shirley Prescott, of the Sik Thai club in Winnipeg.

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