Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Emma Bunton ( Baby Spice) - Martial Arts

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Emma Bunton ( Baby Spice)

Emma Lee Bunton is an English pop singer, songwriter, and occasional actress. Emma is best known for being a member of the successful '90s girl group, Spice Girls. Emma was known as "Baby Spice", in the group, as she was the youngest member, had an "innocent" demeanour, and often wore "baby doll" dresses.

Bunton was born in Finchley and grew up in Woodside Park, both in Barnet, London. Her parents, Pauline, a karate instructor, and Trevor, a milkman, split up when she was eleven, and she stayed with her mother who runs a Gojukai Karate club.
(Goju Kai Karate is very similar in techniques and Katas to Goju Ryu. Goju Kai places more emphasis on the sport side of training rather than the body conditioning and the supplementary exercises of Goju Ryu.)
Her mother has reportedly trained Emma to a "very high standard".

It figures, " Baby Spice" would be the deadly one.

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