Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Female MMA-Lisa Marie Varon

Lisa Marie back in the WWE. Foreshadowing?

There seems to a little (okay a lot) of buzz surrounding pro wrestler Lisa Marie Varon and female mma fighter Kim Couture.
As you may know, Lisa was known as Victoria in the WWE and now Tara in TNA.

This all seems to have started when Lisa started talking to a agents regarding MMA endorsements and one of the promoters approached her camp about fighting Kim Couture.
But to sum it up in her own words, here is a link to the blog where Lisa eplains what happened.

You'll see the pro wrestler coming out in her in one comment...
"So Kim, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the heart you showed in your first pro fight. Tremendous. And you may be a nice stepping stone for me if I choose to drop down to 135."
"Nice stepping stone" I love Lisa Marie.
I always have.

But of course things didn't stop there.....

Kim shot back with...
"She better get her feet wet first in this sport because it's real and there is no scripting going on inside that cage. It's the real deal."

And in one of her latest Tweets on Twitter Lisa said...
"Just took Kettle Bell class last night and it was fabulous. Watch out Kim Couture, I'm getting stronger. Check out my blog on myspace"

Lisa has been putting herself deeply into her BJJ training.
And I keep reading about how Lisa will learn her lesson when she gets into the cage with a real MMA fighter.
Is this the same lesson UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar learned?
Or (4-0) Bobby Lashley?

Now I have said before I have no MMA experience.
But I do have 14 years of martial arts training.
And my instructors used to say that a person that could box, wrestle and knew martial arts was a hard person to beat in the street.

Lisa has a lot of experience in the squared circle. Shes been wrestling since 2000.
And even though the matches are scripted, the performers there take a real beating.
Kinda like stunt men.
Lisa's three older brothers became amateur wrestlers, and her oldest brother, Bobby Sole, won a gold medal at the 1983 Pan American Games.
And before wrestling or MMA, she was a fitness competitor, coming in first place at the Debbie Kruck Fitness Classic in 1999 (tall division), first place at the ESPN2 Fitness America Series in 1997, first place at the National Physique Committee's NPC Inland Empire in 1995 and she also competed in the 1998 Ironwoman Tri-Fitness.
So this lady is no stranger to physicality.
(Physicality? I sound like JR!)

So all I am saying is don't count Lisa Marie out just because she's a pro wrestler.
If anything, she may bring some missing showmanship to female MMA that it needs.
And no one will really know how good she is till after her first pro MMA fight will they?

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