Friday, September 4, 2009

Female MMA Rankings For August

I haven't done this in awhile, so here are the top ten female MMA fighters on this blog, and how they ranked at WAMMA.
Now WAMMA ranks their fighters on six different points all having to do with fighting, and all I rank mine on is popularity.
So you'll see some wide differences in the two lists.
Except of course for the number one position.....

Gina Carano - female mma

1. Gina Carano (7-1-0)
Of course Gina came in at number one on my ratings and the WAMMA ranking.
Is anyone surprised?

2. Karen Williams (3-3-0)
Even with 3 losses in a row, Karen Williams still came in at number two here.
I didnt see her at all on the WAMMA rankings.

3. Latasha Marzolla (9-3) Muay Thai, (1-0-0) MMA
Latasha Marzolla came in third here, but again, I didnt see her on the WAMMA page at all.
Of course with only one pro MMA fight, you wouldnt think she would show up on their rankings.

4. Cristiane Santos (8-1-0)
You would think the champ would come in at number one wouldnt you?
But she came in fourth here and third on the WAMMA.
In all fairness though, the WAMMA rankings came out before the Carano - Santos fight.

5. Emily Thompson (3-2-0)
Emily Thompson came in fifth here, and tenth at WAMMA.

6. Erin Toughill (10-2-1)
One of my favorite female MMA fighters Erin Toughill came in sixth here, and fourth at WAMMA.

7. Alexis Davis (6-2-0)
Another female mma fighter that came up ranked here, but not on WAMMA.

8. Jessica Aguilar (5-3-0)
Jessica Aguilar came in eighth here, and sixth in the Flyweight division at WAMMA.

9. Lisa Ward (12-5-0)
Lisa Ward came in ninth here and fifth in the Flyweight division as WAMMA.

10. Yoko Takahashi (15-10-1)
Yoko Takahashi rounded the list out here, but came in sixth in the Featherweight division at WAMMA.

To see WAMMA's full female MMA rankings go here:

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