Friday, March 19, 2010

Female MMA: Tom Hill Photos

This entry is a little different.
I was contacted by Tom Hill who runs, and he sent me a link to his website.

There are a LOT of really good MMA photos there, and a lot of good female MMA pictures there as well.

Tom has a pretty impressive list of credits which include:
American Top Team house photographer
Official photographer for the 2009 World Grappling Championships sponsored by USA Grappling Team, TapouT, Champion Nutrition, Dollamur, Asics and Century
NAGA Championships
Unconquered Martial Arts
Hard Rock – Fight League

It just so happens that one of his subjects, and friends, is WAMMA ranked female MMA artist Jessica Aguilar.
The pictures that he sent me that I am putting up are from the March 5th, Hard Rock fight night event, Rumble at The Rock II where Jessica took on Valerie Coolbaugh.
Jessica won in the second round via submission.

Jessica Aguilar -Valerie Coolbaugh - Tom Hill Photos - female martial arts

Jessica Aguilar -Valerie Coolbaugh - Tom Hill Photos - female mma news

Jessica Aguilar -Valerie Coolbaugh - Tom Hill Photos - female mixed martial artists
And no, Tom is NOT paying me to put this up...LOL
Like I said, he contacted me and when I saw his work, I thought some of you out there might really like it.
I know we have some promoters out there that read this blog as well, and if you haven't used Tom, you might wanna think about it.

So got take a look at this talented photographers work at his website here:

And thanks to Tom for letting me share his work with everyone.


C. Allen Thompson said...

These are some great inside photos. The angles are absolutely perfect.

Vali said...

Hello.. Do you wanna make link exchange with ? Please let me know.. Thanks!

Jimmy the Fixer said...

I too was just contacted by Tom and awaiting his instrution. He gets some great shots. I Googled him which led me to your blog which is very similar to my blog Of course I'am now following your blog and see a list of your other blogs which I'm going to check out now. My blog is relatively new but starting to get some traffic and just upped to a PR2. Now I'm trying to seek out followers in the coming weeks and link exchanges. I hope my blog would be of interest to you as well. Thanks and keep up those great blogs!!

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