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MMA - Lisa Houghton-Smith

MMA - Lisa Houghton-Smith
Lisa Houghton-Smith


Lisa started training at Bad Company gym Leeds UK in 1993, when she started at University in Leeds. She fought at domestic level making a name for herself and winning one of her British Titles, until 1995. In June of 1995 year, she was offered the opportunity at only a weeks notice, to fight Kim Messer for the ISKA World Title over 10 rounds in Belfast.

Despite having a badly injured ankle, she accepted and travelled to Northern Ireland with coach Richard Smith. The jump in class was at first a surprise to Lisa but she took everything Kim Messer could throw for the next few rounds. By the middle of the fight Lisa’s determination began to turn things around and the second half of the fight was very even. At the end of 10 rounds, although she did not get the decision she had won the admiration of the crowd and proved herself to be a world-class fighter.

The fight was broadcast on Satellite Television, and many people began to notice. The next opportunity came with an offer to fight Regina Halmich in Germany for her WIBF World title in Women’s Boxing. Lisa had only fought boxing once before at domestic level, but again she took the fight the full 10 rounds. The fight was broadcast live on DFS and although Lisa still believes she won this fight, the decision went to Regina – the home fighter. A year later, Lisa was to be offered the opportunity to Regina again – this time with only four days notice! Another very close fight also broadcast live, resulted in the same decision over 10 rounds.

Other top class fights have come in the shape of fights in France and the U.S.A against top class opponents such as the rematch with Kim Messer under Boxing rules in Louisiana U.S.A and World Champion Jill Matthews at the Taj Mahal, Atlantic City.

Lisa won her European Title, against the experienced and dangerous Laurence Woo and showed that she had come of age as an international class fighter. She totally outclassed the brave French fighter to force a 5th round stoppage.

Since then, Lisa has fought Stephanie Bianchini in Italy, fought and won 3 times in Thailand (twice by stoppage) and won the WAKO pro World Thai Boxing Title by stopping Lolita Candel from France in round 4 and the ISKA title by stopping Asako Kamio from Japan in round 4.


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