Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Laura Skinner - MMA Women

Laura Skinner - MMA Women

Laura Skinner
ISKA Muay Thai World Champion from Australia
Record: 17 wins (11 kos) 5 losses 1draw
Favorite style: Muay Thai
Wt: 51kg-53kg ( 112 to 116 pounds)
Home: Melbourne Australia.

Laura is recognized as one of the World's most
feared Muay Thai fighters, KO'ing
more than 50% of her opponents.
Moreover, her opponent list is a virtual
"who's who", in Muay Thai and Kickboxing.
Her famous battle with the undefeated Japanese
Muay Thai Champion, Aya Mitsui, is generally
regarded as one of the best Women's Muay Thai
matches ever. That famous bout ended in a
fiercely contest draw.

Laura Skinner - MMA Women


kvond said...

Where can I see her fights? I can't find anything of Skinner or Mitsui on YouTube.


luke said...

laura the storm skinner is my muay thai trainer

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