Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cristiane Cyborg Santos Defeats Marloes Coenen

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Last night at Strikeforce: Miami, female mixed martial artist Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos defeated Marloes Coenen and successfully defended her Strikeforce women's lightweight championship.
Santos pretty much dominated the entire match.
I said Marloes needed to take her down, and she did try, but it almost looked like at times that she was trying to take down an oak tree.
Santos blocked every attempt.
The fight did go longer than the Cyborg / Carano fight, and a lot of people (including me) thought that "IF" Marloes could drag the fight out, she might have a chance.
This was not the case as Cris kept coming at her like her killer robot namesake.
The highlights for me.....
When Maroes was trying to take Cris down and Santos basically lifted her up and tossed her across the mat.
Remember what I said about power in the last entry?
And when Marloes nailed her with a punch, and Cris shrugged it off with seemingly no effect.
That punch landed and I thought "Whoa, this might be the beginning of the end".
Nope, it looked like it had no effect and it didn't.

So who can stop the Cyborg?
Erin Toughill?
I'd love to see that...but after last night, I have my doubts.
I really think the only way someone is gonna beat Cris is to take her down and submit her.
With 12 wins by submission, Marloes was a good...make that great...contender for that, but it didn't happen.
I seriously think the only way anyone is gonna take Cris out is get her down, get behind her and clamp a RNC on her.
That or a baseball bat....

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