Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gina Carano Updates

Gina Carano is featured in the August 10th issue of ESPN the Magazine.
On page 26 there is an article titled " Six Things You Should Know About Being A Female MMA Fighter."
Also at there are two videos up with Gina featured.

Rolling Stone (who rarely dose sports much less MMA) has an article in their August 6th issue called "Athletes Without Fear".
And Gina is on that list.

And if that's not enough Gina for you, she's hosting Carano-Cyborg Week on SHO 2, a series showcasing her past fights and those of her opponent Cris Santos.
Nice to see Cris finally get a mention.

Since Gina is such a media darling (I'm not taking anything from Gina, I think she's great), whats gonna happen if Cris demolishes her in Round 1?
Will Cris be propelled to superstar status?
Will you see Cris in ESPN, Maxim, Rolling Stone?

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