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Kyra Gracie - Female Martial Arts

Kyra Gracie (born May 29th, 1985) (also spelled Kira), is the daughter of Flavia Gracie, and is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.
Her uncles are Ralph Gracie, Renzo Gracie, and Ryan Gracie.
She is one of the few Gracie women to hold that rank and is the first Gracie female to actively compete in the sport.
Her competition titles include: 5 Time Brazilian Champion (98,99,00,01,04); 5 Time State Champion (98,99,00,01,02); World Champion (2004); ADCC Champion (2005); 4 Time Pan American Champion (01,02,03,05).
She is currently living in New York City training at the Renzo Gracie Academy there where she instructs the women's classes.

Sr. Mitsuo "Count Koma" Maeda → Carlos Gracie Sr. → Robson Gracie → Kyra Gracie

5x Brazilian Champion
5x NY state Champion
2004 World BJJ Champion
2005 Abu Dhabi Combat Champion
4x Pan American Games Champion

Here's a video of Kyra Gracie taking on one of the best in the world, Megumi Fujii.
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Kyra Gracie - Female Martial Arts, posted to on March 16th, 2007


boardie said...

show more respect for the martial arts.i as a female martial artsist think that a black belt displayed as a sex toy is absolutly disgusting

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Show more respect?
Are her accomplishments not listed here? She has done more in her few years of competing than I did in my 15 years of martial arts.
Yes she is beautiful, is that a negative?

boardie said...

ok i am a lesbien and i dont argue with the fact that she is beautiful, but waving your black belt in a way that insinuates sex or can be taken as porvocative is not proper. yeah she has a lot of accomplishments but does that dismiss the tradition of respect

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

Okay Boardie, I misunderstood you.
I do agree with you that a black belt should be respected and not used as a prop. The photos could have been done without the belt.

Anonymous said...

The only people that would have an issue with these images are those that feel insecure about themselves. You’re probably the same individuals who talk crap about sex symbols on Television or those who come in the office wearing high heals or low cut tops. Yes she’s sexy, yes she’s in martial arts but most of all, YES she’s great for the sport. She’s become a poster-girl for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & not just another pretty face. Remember Anna Kournikova? She can’t play tennis for crap but she can sure sell a canon. I’m willing to bet you’ve talked sh** about her too. Do you not like the way she holds a tennis racket? Does this to represent a phallic symbol? Get over it… Whey must people talk smack about others just to feel better about themselves. Guess what? Regardless of what you do or say, your husband or boyfriend is going to see these women & going to think their attractive anyway. If they say otherwise, they’re lying because they know what’s best for them.

Why should she not flaunt the black-belt? Have any of you taken BJJ? Do you realize how long it takes to achieve this status? This isn’t “Americanized” Tae-kwon do or Karate. You can’t just shell out money to be part of the “Black-belt club” & achieve your belt after 2 years regardless as to whether you deserve it or not. Quit your whining, watch Doctor Phil & the world will be a better place. Why worry about something you have no control over. Why worry about what someone else does who has nothing to do with you or your family. Better yet, Grow up… You aren't in High School anymore...

hoppy said...

It is just a piece of material. The important thing is the reason for fighting.

Ryan said...

Boardie needs to just stop talking. You aren't a talented martial artist and your being a lesbian and probably having a black belt from some POS McDojo doesn't change the fact that you're wrong.
Apparently you don't get how BJJ works - it's laid back, a black belt can take over a decade to obtain...but it's still laid back, meaning: being a beautiful woman in a picture and holding your black belt doesn't belittle it.

Get over yourself.

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