Wednesday, June 3, 2009

LaTasha Marzolla - Female MMA

LaTasha Marzolla may look more like a model than a MMA fighter, but she's both.
After training with Master Toddy in Las Vegas and her friend Gina Carano, LaTasha made her MMA debut May 30th at the Orleans Arena.
And she got a first-round victory over Christy Tada at the Tuff-N-Uff extravaganza.
Although LaTasha is new to MMA, she isn't new to fighting.
She has a 9-3 record in Muay Thai, but she hasn’t fought in three years.
LaTasha did well in her debut, although her opponent's record was 1-3-0.
Did you know that in 2003, LaTasha and fellow model turned fighter Bobbi Billard both trained for the WWE at their developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling?
In 2004, they were both released for "not taking wrestling seriously."

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