Friday, January 23, 2009

The Future of Female MMA

Cannon Jacques over at The Bloody Elbow has posted an article about why the ProElite situation has hurt MMA.
And the third reason he listed was the effect on female MMA.

The ProElite Debacle Hurts the Sport of MMA
3) Female MMA is being hindered along with its most recognizable stars. Saying that Gina Carano is important to the future of female MMA is like saying that Michael Jordan was a pretty decent basketball player. For better or worse, she is currently the public face of the female version of the sport.

Of course I agree with him and I've pointed this out several times.
The build up for the Gina Carano and Cristiane 'Cris Cyborg' Santos fight has lost most of it's momentum.
And as I have also pointed out before, Carano and Santos are probably the closest figures this part of the sport has to a Tito Ortiz or a Chuck Liddell as far as being recognized.
But without actually getting into the ring and fighting where are they going to wind up?
Doing advertisements for clothing and equipment?
And it's not just Carano and Santos. There are a ton of talented women out there that need the chance to get into the ring.
Why would amateurs compete knowing there's nowhere to go if they turn pro?
The schools, equipment, all cost money.
Okay I know there's the love of the sport, and many will continue because of that.
We have seen several female boxers turn to MMA.
If this continues, we may see female MMA fighters turn to boxing, where the female side is getting more and more press, and more opportunities.

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