Tuesday, December 4, 2007

TUFF, Tidewater Ultimate Female Fighting

For local group of amateur women wrestlers, this is 'real fighting'
By ROBERTA T. VOWELL, The Virginian-Pilot

Foxx is pounding Tazz into the floor.
The women are locked in combat on a wrestling mat in the back room of an office space in Virginia Beach.
Foxx has her muscular legs wrapped around Tazz's rib cage and is slowly squeezing the breath out of the smaller woman.
Tazz's mother leans forward from her folding chair on the sidelines.
"Pop a shoulder into her neck," mom urges. "C'mon, Tazz, make me proud."
But Tazz is fighting for air, her short gasps punctuating her mother's shouts.
"Tap out," Foxx says, "and you won't have to puke."
Tazz takes another sputtering breath, then raises her hand and lets her palm slap on the floor, blue-painted fingernails bouncing. Surrender.

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