Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gina Carano and Strikeforce

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I know not being sure of your future is no fun, but Gina Carano should at least feel flattered.
It must feel like a senior prom to her with so many people wanting to take her out.
UFC President Dana White wants her for the WEC, Affliction's Vice President Tom Atencio want her (mainly for the Carano/Santos dream match) and now, Gina's orginal promotion Strikeforce wants her as well. Too bad all the EliteXC fighter's contracts are right now in limbo.

Anyway, MMAjunkie has a big write up about all this and you can see everything in depth here:

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zoneblog1 said...

How dare you have the top 10 female mma fighters up here and not have Shayna Baszler??
Have you SEEN this girl fight? I'd wager a weeks' pay to ANYONE that she would kick any ass put in front of her; especially all those over-marketed, picked-4-prettyness-only, hand-picked-opponent-only type ladies you call fighters!!!
She is technically sound, and trained by the best; and a lot of MEN in her weight class might even have a problem with her in the ring...NUFF SAID!!

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