Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kyra Gracie - Brazilian Jujitsu

Everyone seems to like Kyra Gracie so much I thought I'd post a couple more photos of her.
But remember, while Kyra is a very attractive young lady, she is also a member of the Gracie family, of which I'd say about 90% could put most people in an ER in about 5 seconds.( I say 90% because I am sure there are some small children in the Gracie family that haven't learned to walk yet.)
AND Kyra herself is a 5 Time Brazilian Champion (98,99,00,01,04); 5 Time State Champion (98,99,00,01,02); World Champion (2004); ADCC Champion (2005); 4 Time Pan American Champion (01,02,03,05).

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Luis said...

She is beautiful!

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