Saturday, April 9, 2016

Aleksandra Albu - MMA Fighter

Alexandra "Stitch" Albu is a Strawweight UFC fighter from Vulcănești, Gagauzia, Moldova.
She is five foot two, 115 pounds and is represented by Red Fury Fight Team.
Alexandra has only had two Pro fights, but she won them both.
She is currently 2-0-0 and so far she is not ranked in the Unified Women’s Pro MMA Rankings.
But I did a write up on Ronda Rousey long before she was ranked too...and you see what happened with her.

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Young Sun Floyd said...

I thought Albu had joined the UFC, was injured and since her one fight there in April of last year, I have heard nothing. I assume she still with the UFC since they have her on their roster but know nothing of any upcoming fights.

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