Monday, August 17, 2009

Female MMA: What's next for Cyborg Santos?

Now that the dust has settled over the Carano vs. Cyborg fight, what's next for the newly crowned female MMA champ?
Will she appear on talk shows (with a translator) or start appearing in ads for MMA apparel?
Who knows?
But let's focus on the fighting side of her, which seems to be what Cris "Cyborg" Santos is all about.
Who's next in the Cyborgs sights?

Well I reported awhile back that Erin Toughill (10-2-1) would likely face the winner of the match.
But at Saturdays event, Erin was nowhere to be seen.
There are rumors that Erin and Strikeforce had a "break down in communication" and Erin wasn't there.

But Strikeforce's new acquisition was there, and ready to step in if anything had happened to Carano or Santos.
And that fighter is veteran Marloes Coenen (16-3).
Remember, Santos almost faced her back in February of 2009, but Santos pulled out because she signed with Strikeforce.
Now that would be a match.
The 5'9, 145 pound Marloes might not be bulled around the ring by Santos as easily as Carano was.
Although Marloes has lost to Erin, so would Erin still be the most logical choice?

Another fighter beigin mentioned is Roxanne Modafferi (who has beaten Marloes).
Roxanne is currently 13-4-0.
But Roxanne fights at 135, although that didn't stop her from beating Marloes.

Sarah Kaufman is another name I have heard mentioned.
I think Sarah has a pretty big base of loyal internet fans.
With wins over Miesha Tate and Shayna Baszler she would seem like a good choice.
And she does have a 10-0-0 record right now.
But wouldn't Sarah also have to put on some weight to get in this fight?

Of course there is the possibility of Gina Carano facing her in a rematch.
But I didn't hear Gina's people yelling "Rematch!" after the fight.

And now we come to my "Wildcard" pick.
Lisa Marie Varon.
If you read my blogs, it's no secret I'm a big fan of female wrestling.
Lisa Marie (Victoria in the WWE and Tara in TNA) might be the first female wrestler to follow in the footsteps of her male counterparts like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.
She is training for MMA, and could you imagine the hype of an ex-female pro wrestler going after the women's MMA champ?
Of course Lisa needs some checks in her win column before that ever happens.
But remember, Gina Carano only trained in Muay Thai for what, 4 months before her first fight?
Lisa is 5'8, 155 pounds and has about nine years of wrestling training to fall back on.

Female MMA got the hype Saturday, so lets see if the fights they pick can keep the interest going.


koolpaw said...

Roxanne Modafferi naver has fought Erin. They are at totally dofferent weight class.

Roxy fought Marloes , yes but its was at "Japanese" open weight, one night tournament. its kinda exception.

Roxy is a 135ers like Kaufman , Shayna, Miesha, Tonya Evinger and Amanda Buckner. And the top of the food chain of them is Tara LaRosa you know. Although Tara has been fighting at 125 for a while.

~~ Sabre ~~ said...

You are completely right.
Erin hasn't fought her.
I have no idea where I got that from.
I've fixed the entry and thank you for pointing that out.

koolpaw said...

ah thanx for the correction on ur entry.

You just made a temporary mixing-up of Erin with Shayna,Tara or Laura D'Auguste, i guess.

Or you may have seen that Erin called out Roxy to fight at 140 catch weight on fightergirls forum while ago?

There are not so much fighters at 145 lbs class yet as you know. IMO, If Strkeforce is serious to build female division, they should focus on 135 class more. i hope Marloes or Erin will get spotlight on Showtime though. They deserve it.

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