Monday, July 20, 2009

Female MMA: 3 Minutes or 5 Minutes?

I mentioned in a post awhile back about changing the three minute rounds in female MMA to five minute rounds.
Well it seems that over at MMA Junkie and Watch Kalib Run there has been an ongoing discussion of this which I just caught the last part of.
You can go to their site and read all of the articles here:

It now seems the Carano - Santos fight will be five minute rounds.
That's something I wondered about when the fight was announced.
(Dang! I was gonna try to go a whole week without saying Carano or Santos!)

So what do you think?
Should female MMA be five minute rounds?

To me, and this is totally unscientific, saying female MMA should be three minute rounds and male MMA should be five minutes is like saying Danica Patrick can only drive 250 laps at the Indy 500 cause she's a girl.
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