Monday, April 6, 2009

Felice Herrig Updates

Felice Herrig-mma

I didn't know a lot about Felice Herrig when I did my first entry on her back in 2007.
Then she was on Oxygen's reality series "Fight Girls".
At the time she was a 22 year old, working at a salon in Wheeling, giving facials, manicures and pedicures.
Gina Carano mentored Felice and she won her first fight against Gina Reyes.
As one of the five finalists in Thailand, Felice won her fight against a champion Thai fighter.

She recently lost a three round, split decision to Iman "Mannie" Achhal at UWC 5: MAN "O" WAR in Fairfax Virginia.
But she is now looking forward to her next fight at XFO 29 on Friday April 17, 2009.

You can see more of Felice at

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C-Lander said...

One thing anyone should know about Felice Herrig is that she is dedicated to what she does. she's beautiful but not conceded, confident but not cocky. She's the best in and out of the ring. Mad Skillz baby, MAD skillz!

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