Saturday, January 5, 2008

Donahue woman to take on ‘American Gladiators'

Donahue woman to take on ‘American Gladiators'
By David Burke Saturday, January 05, 2008

Jessie Adams Foster laughs at the TV game show description that categorizes her as a “toilet paper saleswoman.”

But that’s how the 26-year-old Donahue, Iowa, woman will be known to the rest of the country Sunday night when she looks to wipe out her opponents as a contestant on a new version of “American Gladiators.”

“I’m the ‘tough single mom who sells toilet paper,’ ” the mother of three children — ages 7, 3 and almost 2 — said and then laughed. “That really made me feel like I wasn’t very exciting.”

(She is unsure whether she will be identified as “Jessie Adams,” her maiden name, or “Jessie Foster” on the series.)

She worked as a customer service representative for Great Western Supply Co. in Davenport for about a year until quitting in November, but spent most of the past few years co-owning a gymnasium with Pat Miletich, the nationally acclaimed mixed martial arts fighter and trainer from the Quad-Cities, and Collin Carney, her former boss at the paper company.

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