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Ramona Gatto - Female Kickboxing

Ramona Gatto - Female Kickboxing

Ramona Gatto, a nine time world champion kickboxer, known as "Kickboxing's Bad Girl" is one of the most accomplished female fighters of all time.
Growing up in a time when women were not accepted in the male dominated sport of professional pugilism, Ramona was told that her dream of becoming a professional fighter was not realistic and women could not become fighters.
Not accepting the status quo and society's take on what women could do, Ramona changed history by becoming one of the world's mostly highly accomplished professional fighters, and one of the best female fighters in history.

Besides kickboxing, Ramona also did some boxing, taking on Theresa Arnold back on March 27th, 1996 at the Lucky Eagle Casino, Rochester, Washington, United States.
Ramona lost, but you gotta remember, Theresa's record was 15-1-1.

In 2008, Ramona was teaching boxing, and got involved in a scandal about unsanctioned fights at Northern California boxing gyms.

And you can read more about Ramona's battles outside the ring here:

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