Sunday, February 4, 2007

Maritery Batista - Female MMA

Name: Maritery Batista
Nick Name : The Amazon
MMA Record: 4-0-0
Trainer: Michael Cordoso
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155-165
Home Town: Miami, FL
Fighting Style: MMA
Fighting Out Of: Extreme Martial Arts
Additional Styles: Grappling
Titles and Accomplishments:
2003 IGC: 1st Place No-Gi Women's Heavyweight Advanced
2004 NAGA Atlanta: 2nd Place No-Gi Women's Middle Weight Advanced
2004 NAGA Atlanta: 1st Place No-Gi Women's Middle Weight Beginner
2004 NAGA World: 1st Place No-Gi Women's Middle Weight Beginner
2004 AMMA: 1st Place Gi Women's Absolute
2004 NAGC: 1st Place No-Gi Women's Middle Weight Beginner

Maritery Batista ( I wonder if she's related to Dave?) is a mixed martial artist, nicknamed 'The Amazon' due to her considerable height and disposition in the ring.
After starting out in kickboxing and taekwondo, Batista was later trained in brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts. After only a month of training, she achieved first place in her debut no-gi tournament against another female with 6 years more experience than her. This led to many other successes in the prestigious NAGA and other national grappling tournaments in the US, meaning that Batista was eventually ranked the 7th best national female no-gi fighter in the US, according to, with little more than a year's worth of experience. Batista is a certified personal trainer with multiple nationally recognized associations and is focused greatly in Sports Performance Training for martial artists.
Batista also holds a Masters degree in the study of International Business from Nova Southeastern University. She is currently continuing her education in the field of sports medicine. Batista opened her first martial arts studio in 2004 in her native Florida. Since then, she has enabled to open a Marketing Firm, B&B Global as well introduce a new Fitness Chain called DynamicFX.
DynamicFX brings forth her love for personal training and martial arts out for other South Floridians to enjoy.

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