Thursday, February 1, 2007

Female MMA - Hitomi Akano

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Female MMA, Hitomi Akano
Height 5ft 4in (163cm)
Weight 125lb (57kg)
Fighting out of Japan
Hitomi Akano is a Japanese female MMA fighter. Her most recent fight was against Debi Purcell on 15 February 2006 at Smack Girl, which she won by unanimous decision.

UPDATE: Hitomi has had several fights since this entry was made. Her record now stands at 14-5, her latest match being a victory over Hari Hari at Jewels 1 on November 16, 2008. She won in the first round with an armbar submission.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hitomi has had two more fights since the last update.
A loss to Cristiane Santos on April 11, 2009 and a win over Miki Morifuji on July 11, 2009.
This brings her female MMA record to 15-6.

Miesha Tate vs Hitomi Akano

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