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Women MMA Fighters - Debi Purcell

Women MMA Fighters - Debi Purcell
Nickname Whiplash
Height 5ft 7in (170cm)
Weight 135lb (61kg)
Fighting out of Ruas Vale Tudo
Town of birth Laguna Niguel, California
Fighting style Vale Tudo

Debi Purcell is an American mixed martial artist.

Purcell has been involved in fitness and martial arts for over twenty years, with competitive experience in vale tudo, submission grappling, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, wrestling, taekwondo and gymnastics. Her introduction to MMA came in 1993 during the inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship, when she was training alongside some of the first competitors in Huntington Beach. Having taken kickboxing, boxing and JKD, she moved on to Brazilian jiu jitsu and finally vale tudo under the famous Marco Ruas, when she says "everything started to make sense".

She is actively involved in supporting women's MMA, having set up and the WMAA (Women's Martial Arts Association), along with competing herself. Her eventual goal is to develop quality competitions on a regular basis for female MMA fighters, as she discusses in a 2004 interview with

Women MMA Fighters - Debi Purcell
Her last fight was a loss by unanimous decision against Hitomi Akano at Smack Girl, on 15 February, 2006.

First woman to ever compete and win in King of the Cage
Ultimate Wrestling World Title Belt Holder
Hook-N-Shoot Revolution Winner, 2002
Headliner on the first ever all women NHB card in US history
Ultimate Wrestling Minnesota Winner
Black Belt in Ruas Vale Tudo
Black Belt in Taekwondo

Women MMA Fighters - Debi Purcell

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