Friday, July 31, 2009

Female MMA - Erin Toughill

One of my favorite female MMA stars won't be making her debut with Strikeforce on August 15th.
Erin Toughill was originally slated to appear on the card, but now she is being held in reserve in case (okay, I know, I mention them every entry now....) Gina Carano or Cristiane Santos gets injured before their match.

Erin is 10-2-1 in MMA and also 8-2-1 in boxing and what an incredible break it would be for her to step into that match and win.
We could actually see a new star made right before our eyes.
Of course I am not wishing anything bad on Gina or Cristiane, that IS the fight everyone wants to see.

And according to Strikeforce, Erin just might get a shot at the winner of the Carano-Santos fight.

Female MMA - Erin Toughill, posted to on 7-31-2009

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Cindy said...

I literally just read an article on MMAFrenzy about this development. I hope she doesn't have to step in, but you're right. What a shot!

Note the comments below the linked article.

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