Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top Ten Female MMA Update

It's time for another Top Ten "most searched" female MMA update.
Which makes this interesting because now I can compare these fighters to the WAMMA Top Ten Rankings.

First up:
1 Gina Carano (7-0-0)
What a surprise huh?
Didn't see that one coming did you?
Number one here and on WAMMA's list.

2. Karen Williams (3-2-0)
Number two on this list and number seven on the other list.
Her latest loss was to Erin Toughill on February 6th, 2009.

3. Kim Couture (1-1-0)
Comes in at three on this list, not on the WAMMA list at all.
Understandable because some fight experts regard her as a "novelty"fighter.
Not gonna argue the point, it's up to her to prove them wrong.

4. Emily Thompson (3-0-0)
Four on mine, eight on theirs.
She'll be facing Erin Toughill (man she gets around!) at the Palace Fighting Championship on May 8th.

5. Kaitlin Young (4-2-0)
Number five on mine, not ranked on the WAMMA.
Just did a write up on her.

6. Michelle Waterson (4-2-0)
Six here, again, not ranked at WAMMA.
Same record as Kaitlin Young, but then again, she's not ranked either.

7. Christiane Santos (6-1-0)
Number seven here and tied with Gina on the WAMMA list.
She should be either one or two.

8. Erin Toughill (9-2-1)
Eight here and six on theirs.
I really think Erin should be ranked higher.

9. Julie Kedzie (9-7-0)
Nine here, again, not ranked on WAMMA.

10. Tara LaRosa (16-1-0)
Won 16, lost 1?
Why isnt she at the top of both lists?
Did she just fight chumps?

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